Remind me why I’m doing this.

I just navigated through an annoying problem with my brand new blog (I still don’t have a grasp of .htaccess files), but it’s all resolved.  Now I’m ready to start writing and I have to say, “Remind me why I’m doing this.”  The problem was quite stressful and caused me to forget all my great content ideas for a moment.  So, I thought a good place to start would be to explain to all of us why I started a blog.

I thought the prospect of blogging was not for me. “I don’t have that much to say. I don’t have the time. What can I offer that’s not already out there?” Then I started actually reading others’ blogs. Every person has a unique take on a given topic, and that’s what makes it interesting. Indeed, I do have a lot to say, especially on the topic of motherhood. And I can find the time; so far, late night blogging when the kids are in bed works.

So, what can I offer? There’s a lot of information out there for parents, true and false, useful and useless.  There’s a lot of pop science that can make moms crazy as they try to make the right decision for their kids. I’ll call upon my knowledge base, training, and experience to focus on what matters and, well, anything that comes to mind.  That’s all I can promise right now!

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