Is #Maleficent with #AngelinaJolie Too Scary for Children?


I was thrilled to see an advanced screening of Disney’s live action film, Maleficent starring Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning.  My expectations about how Disney would stay true to a classic without simply retelling the story, were surpassed.  It’s absolutely a must see; the question is, how old should a child be to see this movie?

Judging by the commercials, it seemed to me that there was a creepy or scary factor that would be too much for my almost-6-year-old, despite a PG rating.  I might be right.  I attended with my 7-year-old niece, who enjoyed Maleficent overall, but said she covered her eyes during the few dark and violent battle scenes.

I say, 5-7 years old is a judgement call.  If your child can handle the few violent scenes and isn’t prone to nightmares, go see it!  The message that redemption is possible and love (not just the romantic kind) conquers all is a great lesson for youngsters.  It opens up the idea that good and evil are not black and white in this world, but not in a complicated or confusing way.

Plus, I guarantee that, as an adult, you will thoroughly enjoy the clever writing, and story development, the majestic beauty of the visual effects, and the quality of the actors’ performances. Especially, the alluring and mysterious Angelina Jolie.  Her Maleficent is wickedly elegant, and even lovable.  Look out for her adorable daughter, Vivienne, who plays a young Aurora.  Their scenes together are honest, humorous, and heart-warming…my favorite parts.

Maleficent hits theaters TODAY!

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