Summer Birthdays


I just finished packing up the cupcakes I made for my son’s birthday celebration in kindergarten today. His real birthday is in July, but each student with a summer birthday gets to celebrate like everyone else during snack time on one’s own day in June. Hmm. I’m feeling a little bitter.

Ok, I know it was ages ago, but my birthday is in August and I NEVER celebrated my birthday at school! One exception: my friends decorated my locker and bought me my favorite candy (sour watermelons) one day before the end of year in middle school. I remember it vividly because I felt that special feeling of importance that a kid has when she’s the center of attention.

Clearly, my lack of a birthday celebration in school didn’t scar me for life.  And I’m not really bitter, nor do I disagree with giving each student a special day just like the rest of the kids. I’m so glad my summer baby will have his special day today. He’s so excited for it!

Oh, and check out my picture!  I used a J. Crew box to hold the cupcakes.  It was perfect because of it’s deep height.  Then, to separate the chocolate and vanilla and secure the cupcakes in their positions, I put an empty paper towel roll in between them.  A genius diy hack, totally by accident!  Score!

What Do You Do When Your Kid Pukes in Public?

This is how she looked BEFORE our Starbucks adventure.
This is how she looked BEFORE our Starbucks adventure.

My 2-year-old and I had a messy start to our day. It was going to be very productive – groceries, painting supplies, and maybe even a little clothes shopping. We were all dressed and out the door at 8:30. She looked especially cute, too! We stopped at Starbucks first for coffee and juice…and didn’t make it any further.
While waiting on line, she chugged more than half of her juice. Just before it was our turn, she hurled. A lot. It remains to be seen why; I’m hoping she just drank her juice too fast.
I wasn’t completely freaked out, because this isn’t my first rodeo. My two major concerns were to take care of her and then do the right thing about the mess. It was too much to clean up with napkins, so I asked for a mop. And apologized, repeatedly.
The weirdest part was that the Starbucks employees and most of the people on line seemed to be horrified and just stood there, not eager to help with action or kind words. Then an unfortunate employee mopped it up, while his friends(?) made wisecracks.
There was one woman in front of me who really seemed to feel for me. She rushed to get me a stack of napkins and said, “I’ve been there! I hope your day goes a lot better.” Her empathy was greatly appreciated at that moment.
My little munchkin is no worse for the wear, so far. However, despite washing and cleaning everything it came in contact with, I still smell puke.
Please tell me I’m not the only one to experience a barf surprise in public! How did you handle it?

My First #Influenster #Voxbox Reveal (Video)

Ooo, this is so much fun!  I received my first Influenster Voxbox today with free products and coupons from Neosporin, Breyers, Ivory, Avon, Puffs, and Shell.  All of which are quite useful to me.  Check out my video reveal!