Happy Halloween!

It was our first Halloween in our new house and we had lots of fun starting new family traditions.  We had two bumblebees for Halloween, the buzzing kind and the Transformer.


First we attended our son’s Halloween parade.  The kids braved the chilly weather and had a great time showing off their costumes.


My 2-year-old daughter was allowed to wear her costume to gymnastics and she savored the opportunity.  She was thrilled to “fly” in the harness like a real bumblebee.  Her little friend  was Doc McStuffins for the day, so she gave a sick bumblebee several “check-ups” during gymnastics.


What I thought would be some light trick-or-treating with the neighbors turned into two hours of candy-hoarding.  We had a ball, but with the candy both kids collected and the candy I bought  and never gave out, we have more than we could ever, or should ever, consume!