We’re Finding Ways to Fight Zika at Home – GIVEAWAY

I’m sure you’re as freaked out about the Zika virus as I am, especially now that it has reached America. Zika virus has been transmitted mostly by mosquito bite and can be passed from mother to fetus, causing birth defects including microcephaly. It also can cause fever, rash; and, in people with vulnerable immune systems, it can result in serious illness.


We are always avoiding mosquito bites in our family, because they cause us to have huge welts on our bodies that are itchy and painful. With the spread of this virus, I’m even more motivated to shield my family from mosquitos. I’m definitely not planning on becoming pregnant in the next few years, but I still worry about our family contracting the Zika virus and becoming ill.

So, here are the ways we are limiting our risk of Zika exposure.

Mosquito Repellent: I have long been opposed to chemicals, like DEET, for protection against mosquitos. My new philosophy is “use what you’ve got.” However, I still can’t bring myself to spray that stuff on my children every night in the summer! I’m definitely not spraying it on my 1-year-old! (I tried one night and could only bring myself to spray the bottom of her stroller.)


So, I rely on natural wearable mosquito repellent. I used a particular brand, Para’Kito all last summer, and I’m using it again this summer. I received a Para’Kito Refillable Band free for the purpose of review. Enter below for your chance to win one of your own!

We often wear the Para'Kito band on our ankles because it's a mosquito's favorite spot.
We often wear the Para’Kito band on our ankles because it’s a mosquito’s favorite spot.

Para’Kito’s wearable products contain a refill pellet in a snug mesh pocket. Each pellet remains effective for 15 days and they are even waterproof. The pellet’s natural oils (citronella, rosemary, geranium, mint, clove, and peppermint) fill the air around the body, masking bodily scents that attract mosquitos. My favorite thing about Para’Kito products are DEET-free, buzz-free, and smell so good.

Where's my Para'Kito?!
Where’s my Para’Kito?!

Travel: Not to worry! We don’t have any imminent travel plans. We spend most of our travel money on a beach club in the summer, so I don’t have to worry about our exposure in any exotic locales.

Air conditioning: Check! I have no problem shutting the windows and turning on the A/C at the first sign of warm humidity. And my A/C-hating husband can’t complain because…we are protecting ourselves from sneaky mosquitos.

Clothing: This took some conscious actions on my part. Putting the kids in pants, socks, and shoes when they are about to play outside in warm, humid weather feels counterintuitive, but we’re making it work. After a couple of arguments about wearing Crocs and shorts at dusk, they’re starting to anticipate my new dress code.

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42 thoughts on “We’re Finding Ways to Fight Zika at Home – GIVEAWAY”

  1. Mostly we’re staying inside when mosquitoes are most active, but we’re also big on eliminating standing water. I’d like to build a bat house!

  2. We stay inside during their active hours and use a natural repellent when we’re outdoors. I’m always looking for new and better products.

  3. Since I am expecting we are trying to use as much repellent as possible and limiting outdoor activities.

  4. I protect my family by not going out during the time when mosquitoes are most active, at dawn or dusk. I also always make sure we have no standing water anywhere, as well as use Tiki torches with citronella oil in them. I do use spray when we are outdoors for long periods, but I use all natural stuff. I still don’t like doing it though, these bands are brilliant! 🙂

  5. We check around our yard to make sure there is no standing water for mosquitos to breed and we use repellent spray even though I hate it on our skin!

  6. We are currently with a 2.5 month old so we are staying indoors or putting on layers while outdoors with her as we do not want to have harsh chemicals near her!

  7. We have been avoiding going outside when there are mosquitoes i.e. dusk, so we haven’t been using any repellents. I did break down and buy some OFF, but am very interested in natural repellents instead.

  8. So far we haven’t gone anywhere where mosquitoes are a problem. I’ve been recently trying to figure out what to do if we do! Perfect timing to see this post. Haha

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