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Turbo: Great for 5-year-old. Should I Have Brought My Toddler to the Movie?


We took both kids to see turbo in the theater. It was another DreamWorks hit. Totally appropriate and fun for my 5 year old. I really can appreciate a movie with a message that we’re trying to teach him. In this case, it’s “Never give up!” Turbo follows his dream to win the Indy 500 despite the nay sayers who fail to support his endeavors, and his obvious limitation, being a snail.

We didnt go to the 3D show because we brought our 17 month old; I think it might mess with her eyes. ┬áNote to self: research how 3D affects vision. Anyway, she sat through the movie on my husband’s lap. Exciting build-up of loud music and sound effects made her clingy in the beginning, but her eyes were peeled after that. I did feel like it was a waste of 96 minutes for her, but we’d never take our 5-year-old to a movie if we didn’t take her.

Were we wrong to bring our 17-month-old to a movie?