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Minions Bowling Party for My 7-Year-Old

We celebrated my son’s birthday with an AMF bowling party and Minions-themed goodie bags. It was the perfect party for ten 7-year-old boys and a few little female family members.


I scheduled the party over the phone and maintained contact with the same AMF representative over email. Instead of having to come to the bowling alley to sign the contract and give my deposit, everything was done electronically. It was so easy. AMF helped me plan a great party for an affordable price. All we had to bring were the goodie bags and the cake.

bowling party

AMF has a kitchen and bar, so in addition to the pizza served to the kids, the adults (mostly family) were able to order dinner. A server was assigned to our party, and he was always available and accommodating. He kept the party moving by suggesting the time to stop for pizza and cake, then guided all the kids to each activity.

Goodie Bags
Goodie Bags

My mother has a creative and crafty eye, so she offered to make and fill the goodie bags. They were so adorable and they were filled with some great bowling-themed goodies, like little plastic trophies and glow sticks from Party City.


My son loved his party…look at that smile!