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“The Digital Mom Handbook” Helps a Beginner Blogger

The Digital Mom Handbook
The Digital Mom Handbook

I sent away for The Digital Mom Handbook by Colleen Padilla and Audrey McClelland because I’ve been following Audrey for a while now and thought I would learn some important basics about getting into the  Mom Bloggers’ “club,” as I see it, toward which I still feel I am an outsider looking in. I got more than I bargained for…in a good way.

Immediately, I have connected to their advice regarding the purpose and reason for blogging. They ask, “What is your passion?” How often did we hear this as we came of age and chose our professions? In reality, many of us followed a certain path due to chance, circumstance, or financial incentive, not our passion.

I was lucky to follow my passion for several years, first in the workplace, then studying for my doctorate in psychology, and finally in the workplace again.  However, the arrival of my children complicated things.  I had a new passion, and it competed with my work. When I worked full time, I was 100% in. Despite working in schools with great hours and vacation time, like many people working in education, I came early, stayed late, worked at home and on vacation, and took on more than my job description dictated. Compartmentalizing isn’t one of my strong points. When I came home, I had little energy to take them to the park, cook their dinner, potty-train, discipline, help with homework, bathe them and put them to bed. I often felt that, while others seem to be able to do it well, I found it so hard to “have it all.”

This is why I started the SchoolPsychMom.com. Currently, I work part-time and work on my blog when I can. The prospect of making money on this blog is enticing, and The Digital Mom Handbook offers a lot of great advice toward that end. But, for now, I’m following the authors’ advice to find my passion and write about it. I feel the same enthusiasm I felt when I worked with students, parents and teachers as a school psychologist, but the schedule works a lot better for me. I’d be proud to know my blog is resourceful to someone seeking information about mom-relevant topics. If more comes of it, it’ll be the icing on the cake.

Have any words of wisdom or encouragement for a new blogger?