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Minions Bowling Party for My 7-Year-Old

We celebrated my son’s birthday with an AMF bowling party and Minions-themed goodie bags. It was the perfect party for ten 7-year-old boys and a few little female family members.


I scheduled the party over the phone and maintained contact with the same AMF representative over email. Instead of having to come to the bowling alley to sign the contract and give my deposit, everything was done electronically. It was so easy. AMF helped me plan a great party for an affordable price. All we had to bring were the goodie bags and the cake.

bowling party

AMF has a kitchen and bar, so in addition to the pizza served to the kids, the adults (mostly family) were able to order dinner. A server was assigned to our party, and he was always available and accommodating. He kept the party moving by suggesting the time to stop for pizza and cake, then guided all the kids to each activity.

Goodie Bags
Goodie Bags

My mother has a creative and crafty eye, so she offered to make and fill the goodie bags. They were so adorable and they were filled with some great bowling-themed goodies, like little plastic trophies and glow sticks from Party City.


My son loved his party…look at that smile!


3rd Birthday Party at Nunley’s Carousel #girlsbirthdayparty


My daughter turned three and we threw her first party with kids from her class.  We chose a venue that worked for twelve three-year-olds plus family of various ages, Nunley’s Carousel at the Cradle of Aviation in Garden City, NY.


The Carousel used to stand at Nunley’s Amusement Park in Baldwin, NY, from 1940 to 1995.  I remember many happy times there with my family.  A visit to the Carousel at its current location is a nostalgic, old-timey experience with authentic organ music and the simple joy of riding round and round on beautifully restored horses.  For a 3-year-old’s party, this simple activity is perfect.


During the two-hour Princess and Prince-themed party, the schedule is flexible; but generally, the children ride, do a craft, ride again, eat pizza, ride again, eat cake, then ride until the party is over.




The venue was closed to the public during the party, so it was just our friends and family celebrating our little girl’s 3rd birthday.  It was a fantastic time.

The superstar birthday girl with her goody bag.


Goody Bags
Goody Bag



Summer Birthdays


I just finished packing up the cupcakes I made for my son’s birthday celebration in kindergarten today. His real birthday is in July, but each student with a summer birthday gets to celebrate like everyone else during snack time on one’s own day in June. Hmm. I’m feeling a little bitter.

Ok, I know it was ages ago, but my birthday is in August and I NEVER celebrated my birthday at school! One exception: my friends decorated my locker and bought me my favorite candy (sour watermelons) one day before the end of year in middle school. I remember it vividly because I felt that special feeling of importance that a kid has when she’s the center of attention.

Clearly, my lack of a birthday celebration in school didn’t scar me for life.  And I’m not really bitter, nor do I disagree with giving each student a special day just like the rest of the kids. I’m so glad my summer baby will have his special day today. He’s so excited for it!

Oh, and check out my picture!  I used a J. Crew box to hold the cupcakes.  It was perfect because of it’s deep height.  Then, to separate the chocolate and vanilla and secure the cupcakes in their positions, I put an empty paper towel roll in between them.  A genius diy hack, totally by accident!  Score!

Happy birthday to me!

I had the perfect 34th birthday. Went shopping with my kids and my mom. Then had my favorite Chinese takeout from Orchid restaurant and a cake from Walls bakery with my family. For our birthdays, my son likes to get us items that he can play with too…smart kid. So, he got me a Lego set and Karate Barbie. We played “Transformers” and my new Barbie helped my son’s Autobots kick some Predacon butt. Check out the video; it’s full of lovely sound effects provided by my husband and son.