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Review: Leap Frog Videos

Math Circus, Letter Factory, Math Adventure to the Moon, Word Caper
Math Circus, Letter Factory, Math Adventure to the Moon, Word Caper

I know TV time should be kept at a minimum, and it is recommended for children under 2 to refrain from watching TV at all. Mommy Confession: My kids watch TV.  I try to keep a TV clock in my head and not let viewing time go over 2 hours for the day. To keep the Mommy guilt at a minimum, I make sure the shows they watch are somehow educational. Often TV time is during Mommy’s shower time or cooking time and I honestly don’t know how else I would I do either task. The Leap Frog videos are my go-to for TV time.

I’ve been a fan of the Leap Frog videos since a friend recommended that I show them to my son about four years ago. He started watching the Letter Factory when he was a toddler, then we found Word Caper, Math Adventure to the Moon and Math Circus. Now my 18-month-old enjoys them too.

The best thing about these videos is that they are engaging; even my 5-year-old still likes to watch them. We meet Leap, Tad, and Lily, and follow them on their learning adventures. Kids learn phonics, word building, counting, patterns, addition and subtraction. The major perk is their educational value. I distinctly remember my son singing the Letter Factory song when he was my daughter’s age…”A says ‘ah,’ B says ‘buh,’ C says ‘kuh…'”

Each video lasts about 35 minutes. Letter Factory is recommended for ages 2-5 and the others are for ages 3-6. Like I said, we started Letter Factory before age 2. Each video retails at $14.98, but you can get them drastically reduced individually or in a set from Leap Frog or Amazon.  There are other Leap Frog videos of this kind. I’ll let you know if we try any new ones.

How much do you let your kids watch TV?