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Kick Off The New School Year with a #StrideRite #Giveaway! #BTS #Fashion #Win

My son received a free pair of kicks from Stride Rite so I could tell you what we think.  All opinions are my own (and his).  Stride Rite also set me up with a giveaway for TWO lucky readers! 


I attended the Momtrends Back-to-School Event in the summer with Stride Rite and had the chance to check out their newest designs for back-to-school shoes.

Stride Rite Stride Rite 2

One thing I LOVE about Stride Rite, is that it’s one-stop-shopping. Not only do they sell Stride Rite brand shoes, but they have other top brands in the store and on the website.  Stride Rite brand is right-on with style and fit, especially in the early years; but when you have different kids, with different taste, you need tons of options.  I’ve been buying Stride Rite brand almost exclusively for my kids until this year when my 1st grader chose Saucony’s Excursion Lace.  He loves the comfort and the cool style, and we’re happy knowing that his feet are supported with quality shoes that are going to last.

Saucony Excursion Lace $50.00

Plus, we didn’t have to shop somewhere else for his little sister!

A good sparkly choice for my little girl!  The Stride Rite SRT Lydia $46.00
A good sparkly choice for my little girl! The Stride Rite SRT Lydia $46.00

Go to the Stride Rite store to have your children’s feet accurately measured and try on lots of trendy styles like the Stride Rite character collections with Transformers, Star Wars, and Marvel.  Then check out the many top brands in stock, like Crocs, Merrill, Saucony, and Sperry.  Or, visit StrideRite.com and shop from home.  Don’t forget to use your Stride Rite Rewards card for benefits like a $10 reward for every $75 spent.


Earn lots of chances to win a free pair of shoes from Stride Rite below. Then, visit Raising Three Ladies for ANOTHER Stride Rite giveaway!

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My Closet Is a Sea of Navy

I used to be really fashiony. In fact, I wanted to be a fashion designer as a kid, drawing modern outfits and wedding dresses and collecting Vogue magazine. Then I thought I wanted to be an architect or interior designer because I loved studying floor plans and imagining my dream house. Just before entering college, I decided I had more interest in psychology and less talent in the design field, and the rest is history. Apparently, my sense of style is history too. Then motherhood chased away any glamor I had left.

Perhaps I’m exaggerating. I still love fashion, but I’m feeling a little overwhelmed as I try to be stylish on a budget. Even without a budget, I just don’t see the sense in spending too much money on clothes and accessories, especially now that I have two extra people to clothe (my kids)! I know, that’s so anti-feminine.

To stay on budget, I try to follow two rules when I go shopping:

  1. Don’t buy anything retail. If it’s not on sale or I don’t have a coupon, I don’t buy it. I don’t think I should pay twice as much for something that cost half as much to produce. I have pretty good will power that way.
  2. Only buy what you love or absolutely need. So, for example, I might break rule #1 if I desperately need a little black dress and I find one that looks great on me. On the contrary, I might see something that’s a great deal, but I try my best not to buy it if I don’t really love it or need it. I test this rule on Zulily.com all the time. Sure, everything’s a great deal, but I have to stop myself and ask, “Does my son really need another superhero t-shirt, even if it’s only $9.99?”

The trouble with following these rules is that I don’t take risks with my wardrobe., because I’m always second guessing a purchase. When I ask myself, do I really love it, it’s highly likely that I will buy something navy blue, fuchsia, or preppy, so my closet is a sea of preppy clothes in navy or fuchsia.


Even my bags are navy, fuschia, or navy and fuschia!


So, I’m on a little quest to find frugal fashion…let me be blunt, cheap fashion.

Should I follow my rules, or do I need more style in my closet?

Stay tuned to see how it goes!