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My First #Influenster #Voxbox Reveal (Video)

Ooo, this is so much fun!  I received my first Influenster Voxbox today with free products and coupons from Neosporin, Breyers, Ivory, Avon, Puffs, and Shell.  All of which are quite useful to me.  Check out my video reveal!



Review: UppaBaby Vista Stroller


UppaBaby Vista
UppaBaby Vista

When my second child was on the way, I knew I wanted a “tank” stroller, as we called it. We stuck with our Maclaren Quest for the duration of my first child’s stroller years, yearning for a full-service stroller system. So, for the second baby, I researched stroller systems for the best bang for the (big) bucks. I focused on the Uppababy Vista because of positive reviews in the Baby Bargains book. Long story short, I love our Vista. A good “tank” stroller is going to be a smooth ride because of its big wheels and it’s going to be a nice big cocoon for your baby or toddler to sleep soundly.  Retails at $729.99, but you can get an earlier  edition for less if you shop around, as I did.

UppaBaby Vista Bassinet Mode
UppaBaby Vista Bassinet Mode


  • Includes bassinet, toddler seat and rain covers
  • Can attach most carseats to the base
  • Giant basket
  • Giant sun shade that extends from the canopy
  • Reversible seat
  • Has the popular modern black and steel look
  • Simple smooth fold and unfold; although its big and requires two hands
  • Great add-ons: We have the snack tray, cup holder, and piggy back ride on board.


  • Expensive (but a good buy for all that’s included)
  • Big wheel base in the back; but still just the right size for getting through doorways and store aisles.
  • Heavy, although not so heavy relative to other big strollers
  • Requires two hands to fold
Sunshade and little foot sticking out.  The foot rest can fold all the way down.
Sunshade and little foot sticking out. The foot rest can fold all the way down.