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I think I found something healthy at McDonald’s!

Yesterday was our first day of the season at the beach.  This usually means a lot of preparation, a little anxiety, and an exhausting amount of fun.

…And then I have to figure out dinner. With nothing at home and restaurants closed for Memorial Day, my husband suggested McDonald’s.  “Haven’t you read the disturbing facts?” I ask.  Pink slime and chemically fortified fries that never go bad.  “I want a salad!”

I put up a little fight, then realized I was so hungry I could eat 20 pink slime nuggets, no prob.  So I looked up the menu on my phone to see the salads.  I think I found a great choice!


I had the Premium Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken.  I asked for no shredded cheese to cut calories and because I don’t love cheese on my salads.  The dressing comes on the side, so I didn’t use the whole Newman’s Own packet. Therefore, the calorie count was no more than 360!  And I was totally satisfied!  (Full disclosure: I had a few of my husband’s fries, too.)  It was so yummy too, with corn, black beans, little jalapeño bits and crunchy tortilla strips.

I was not compensated for this post and I didn’t get anything free.