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Lego Birthday Party #DIY #lego #birthdayparty

My son turned six this summer, and we had a little party at the house. There was no debate about what the theme of his party would be…Lego!


His favorite Legos these days are of the Legends of Chima variety, but he agreed that anything Lego would do fine for decorations, etc. So we went to Party City and Target to buy up all the Leo-relevant stuff.
To our surprise…NO LEGO! Nothing!

So, I had to get creative. And by that, I mean go on Pinterest and see what creative people did.  Check out my Lego Party board on Pinterest.

There isn’t a lot out there, but I found a few Lego-inspired decorations that were so easy to put together.  Easy peasy.

Lego Doors

I taped plastic table cloth on the door, then glued plastic plates to the table cloth to look like a Lego block.  Just eye-balled it.  I bought the plates and table cloths at Party City.

Lego doors

My method for ensuring a permanent stick, was to put double-sided tape around the lip of the plate, then dot some glue in between the tape.


Lego Goody Bags

I bought the cheapest paper bags I could find at Party City for the goody bags.  There were plenty in the package to use some of them to cut out the circles.  I used an egg cup to trace circles on the bags.  A shot glass would be good too.  Then I rolled pieces of Scotch tape and taped the circles to the bags.  Rolling the tape works better than using double-sided, because it creates dimension with the circle looking a little bit raised.

IMG_4856The cake started out as the hardest part, but became the easiest.  I had every intention of creating a Pinterest-inspired Chima cake with fondant and marzipan Lego minifigures.  Then I stopped by catering at Fairway, picked out a Chima picture from Google Images, and ordered the perfect Chima cake.  Best decision ever.

IMG_4489 Chima cake in his belly and a water slide bouncer in the backyard, and this kid was in heaven.