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Easy DIY Fall Wreath #diy #fall

We try to live on a budget, so I’m very careful to find the thriftiest way to buy or create the seasonal decorations for the house.  I thought I’d try to make our fall wreath, and I did it…for $21!


I went to Michaels Craft during a fall decoration sale and found the following materials.

  • 18″ Grapevine Wreath  $4.99
  • 2 Leaf garlands  $3.99/each
  • 2 bouquets of mums  $3.99/each

Fall Wreath

I had the following materials at home.

  • Aluminum jewelry wire (Floral wire would have been more appropriate, but any kind of wire works fine.)
  • Hot glue gun (to force stubborn leaves and flowers to stay where you want them)


Instead of wrapping and looping the garland around the wreath, I attached it to the front side of the wreath using wire.  This way, I didn’t waste the garland on the side that wouldn’t be visible, and it made the wreath look fuller.  Each garland made it all the way around the wreath, and then some.

Next, I cut the mums off the bouquets, leaving about two inches of stem.  I stuck the mums sideways into blank spots on the wreath.  The mums were quite secure, but some hot glue reinforced the loose ones.


I’ve seen wreaths like this for $50 plus at gift shops, so I think this was a very frugal endeavor.  Plus, I had a fun time creating!