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Personalized Holiday Gifts from Zazzle

I found a site where you truly can find something for everyone this holiday season. Zazzle is the ultimate site for personalized gifts. I’m not just talking about monogramming, although the monogramming possibilities are endless. I’m talking about full customization of clothing, accessories, stationery, housewares, etc.


I received a $50 credit from Zazzle so I could try it out and review my experience. My only complaint is that it was unbelievably difficult to decide what to get because I wanted all of it! Once I decided to get something for each of my three kids, I had so much fun customizing every aspect of my three projects. And I surprisingly spent only the $50 I received!


For my son, I chose a Harry Potter-inspired t-shirt with the Hogwarts Four Houses Crest on it. When I saw there was an entire category for Harry Potter gifts, I knew I would find something for him there.

The Harry Potter shirt came with helpful apparel care instructions.

Then I was delighted to further customize the shirt by choosing from THIRTY colors. I knew he’d love maroon, because it’s the color if his favorite house, Griffindoor.


For my girls, I created personalized prints to hang on the wall in the room they share. I started by browsing the artists’ graphic creations and samples. When I chose a picture I liked, the sample only included a single initial. But when I began customizing the one I liked, I discovered that I could add text, chose different colors and fonts, and move the graphic around on the paper.

I knew exactly what was in this smartly packaged Zazzle box!
I knew exactly what was in this smartly packaged Zazzle box!

It turned out to be absolutely perfect. I chose something that looks sweet and girly, but also sophisticated and timeless. I envision the girls keeping these prints forever as a cherished decoration from their childhood room.

A quick browse on Zazzle may turn into a creative explosion and completion of your holiday gift list, so check it out. Also, if you’re a designer, a maker, or a promoter of products, you can go to Zazzle and sell your wares.

Look out for my Holiday Gift Guide coming shortly. Zazzle will be a featured source for holiday gifts, for sure!