5 #Organizing Tips for #BackToSchool #BTS

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I did not receive any compensation for this post. I received the Wall Pops White Board Monthly Calendar in my swag bag at the Momtrends Back-to-School Event.

1.  Family Calendar


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Place a big dry erase calendar in a central location, such as the kitchen or family room.  Our favorite is the White Board Monthly Calendar ($14.99) from Wall Pops. This calendar is re-useable peel and stick, so you can put it on the wall.  It’s on our refrigerator now and I just started using it. It comes with a dry erase pen that can be stuck to any surface with velcro.  It’s the biggest calendar I’ve been able to find, which is an important feature for fitting the schedules of all family members.

2.  Homework Command Station

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My oldest is 6, so I still want to be in close proximity when he’s doing his homework. Therefore, his homework spot is the dining room table. This can be tricky because the mess can get out of hand, and then the dining room becomes a catch-all for everyone’s paperwork. So, my son has a drawer in the dining room hutch for his often-used supplies.  When he’s not using them, the pile goes right in the drawer.

3.  Lunch Box Command Station

I reserve a shelf in the fridge for my son’s lunch items (juice boxes, cut up carrots, cheese. Not only does this make lunch items easy to grab, it becomes a visual reminder when times are running low.

4.  Permission Slip Inbox

Wall Pockets from The Container Store, $12.99 for a set of two

Set up an inbox for important notices from the school, like permission slips and other forms. The spot should be in a centralized location close to the door, because important papers have a greater chance of disappearing if they have to travel too far in the house.  I’m going to try a hanging inbox from The Container Store this year because I want to keep our tiny desk free of clutter.

5. Purge the Closet

Go through the closet and purge outgrown clothes.  Make a list of what you’re low on (e.g., socks, jeans, headbands, etc.) for your back-to-school clothes shopping. You will surely gather enough outgrown clothes for a generous donation!

What are your top back to school organizing tips?

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