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Blue Man Group Blogger Bash Selfie

As a Blogger Bash NYC attendee, I was invited to see the Blue Man Group perform.  I’m so excited to offer a lucky reader 4 tickets to a Blue Man Group show in New York, Boston, Chicago, Orlando,  Las Vegas, or ANY of their North American Tour dates!


Blue Man Group Blogger Bash Performance

Blue Man Group is comedy, theater, rock concert and dance party all rolled into one. This wildly popular phenomenon delivers an unforgettable multisensory experience. What an amazing, unique, and entertaining show fora broad range of age groups and cultural backgrounds.
The music and the setting are intense: original rock music with heavy drums and a dark and industrial scene. It gets the audience immersed in the show from the start, then warms us up as we get to know the simple and kind personalities of the Blue Men.
Blue Man Group Blogger Bash Performance (2)

The show is full of awesome surprises. If you sit in the first few rows, you’ll be given a poncho in case of splatter. But no matter where you sit, every audience member should be prepared to participate.

Creative Director Randall Jaynes taking questions at the Blue Man Group Blogger Bash Q&A

The biggest impression the show had on me was how talented the cast is. We met Randall Jaynes, an original Blue Man who currently trains new cast members. These guys must be exceptionally talented in music, especially drumming, and physical comedy even before the hours and hours of Blue Man Group rehearsal. Their talent really makes the show impressive.

Buy tickets here and enter below for 4 free tickets!

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50 thoughts on “Blue Man Group Tickets Giveaway”

  1. I saw them in NYC many years ago and it was the best concert EVER! I’d love to take my family so they can experience BMG too

  2. I want to win so we can get out and have some fun as a family. I saw Blue Man Group many years ago, and would like to share that experience with my family now. I also heard that they have some new material now and have changed up the show a bit, so I’m sure it will feel like a whole new surprising exciting experience for me too.

  3. Just read about the next year’s blogger bash and it sounds like fun. Would love to go and I’m not even a blogger at the present time. LOL

  4. When our niece just visited from Holland last week, we sent them to see it, but we still haven’t seen BMG yet. They loved it, so now we want to go, too!

  5. I love to make memories with the grandchildren. Seeing the Blue Man Group together would certainly give them a fun memory to share.

  6. Our friends and us have been wanting to see Blue Man group for a long time.. Hubby is a keyboardist and his friend is a drummer.

  7. I would love to take my 10 year old son! He has said that he’d love to see the Blue Man Group, but, as a single mom who is currently out of work after back surgery, I simply cannot afford the treat. Thank you for the chance!!!!

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